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Social Justice Day Workshop

My Social Justice Day Workshop was the culmination of months of experiential research and classroom learning. I combined the knowledge I gained during my time volunteering in Tijuana, interning with a immigration attorney in Hartford, and learning in global studies class to create a 40 minute workshop. The Workshop focused on the numerous problems systemic in how the United States deals with asylum seekers. Working with my partner, Ethan Lavalle, we sought to show how our current system is already overwhelmed and, with the rising number of climate refugees, woefully underprepared to face the inevitable surge in asylum seekers. 


I am very proud of this Product as it shows the need for political freedom, but comes at the problem in an entirely new way that my other products had not. Unlike my paper on semi-autonomous nations and their search for independence, this workshop focused on the need for increased political rights for individual migrants who are suffering at the hands of the wealthiest nation the world has ever seen.  

Below is a clip from the workshop as well as the entire slideshow.

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